From Tallinn, with love

My name is Kat Scott-Hopkins and I have worked in the Finnish to English language pair since 1998, but increasingly over the past 6-7 years as the popularity of the combination has gone up considerably. My clients are big corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations, well-established brands and startups. I have translated contracts, mergers, articles of association, internal rules, safety manuals, data protection rules (GDPR) and numerous other corporate documents; certificates, court orders, opinion
polls, financial market reviews and apps. I have localized Finnish websites, generated keywords for big corporate customers and translated 30 children's books.

I have received good feedback and no feedback, which in this business means but one thing - that everything was as it should be and life went on without too much fuss.

I also provide proofreading services to Finnish translation agencies who usually face a choice to prefer native command of Finns (meaning that the English translation is going to sound non-native), or native command of English (meaning that too many cultural and linguistic nuances get lost in translation). And voilà - this is where a native Estonian linguist steps in.

I was bilingual in Finnish for the first 25 years of my life and have been bilingual in UK English for the past 8-9 years. Meaning I'm a perfect blend for the job, as I speak better Finnish than most foreigners and better English than most Finns, because not only do I have a degree in English, but I've been living in the United Kingdom for 6.5 years and English is very much my home language.

Last, but not least, it doesn't follow from being a native speaker, regardless of the language, that you can translate. It takes a linguistic talent and tons of dedication and experience to get even close to an acceptable result. I mean, Naivism is a very sweet art form of course, but at the end of the day you have this nagging feeling telling you 'I can do it, too.' The same thing applies to the art of translation.

I know what I'm doing and I do it well. Your translation will sound native and hit the spot.